Complete Service Includes:

  • Preparation of your ads in compliance with appropriate statutes.
  • Placement in properly designated newspapers.
  • Notification of when, where and how long ads are scheduled.
  • Preparing and filing Certificate of Publication with appropriate state
    or county agency.
  • All advertising costs and filing fees paid on your behalf.
  • Affidavits of publication for your records upon completion
    for your records.
  • Certificate of publication for your records upon completion
    for your records.
  • Original Filing Receipt from State or County upon completion
    for your records.

Why Should I Publish?

In many states upon completion of your Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) filing the articles which were filed are required to be published in your local newspaper. Most commonly in the county were the business was designated or resides. Some states also require this for DBA’s that have been filed for your business to do operate under additional name(s). The obligation to publish a legal announcement is mandated by a state or a county level statute. Not fulfilling these legal requirements may have dire consequences to your business and its ability to operate in a legal fashion. At HUBCO, our dedicated professionals will meet the specific requirements of each state or county, as we are constantly updated with all changing regulations.
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