Headquartered on Long Island in Huntington Station, NY and established in 1982, we have been in the business of filing new companies for more than 30 years. To meet our client’s increasing requests for publishing legal notices, we developed our publishing department called the “Hubco Legal Advertisement Group.” After compartmentalizing this area of our business, we were able to task a set number of employees to concentrate 100% of their daily efforts on simplifying and streamlining this process. With a focus on keeping up with ever-advancing technology, we have achieved the most efficient model for publishing services in our industry. By monitoring updates and changes in state statutes in New York, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida and Georgia, we can ensure that all requirements are met and no rejections occur. Beyond our business filings, we also manufacture corporate kits, corporate seals CorporateSeal.com, and stock certificates (stockcerts.com). We have also ventured into the business of notary supplies NotaryStamps.com.

Qualified To Serve Your Publishing Needs:

Our well-trained staff has more than 75 combined years of experience working with the requirements for business filings and legal advertising. Skill, training and, especially, recognition by our competitors should be important considerations when entrusting a company to fulfill the publishing requirements for your business. Let us use our expertise to help you achieve your entrepreneurial goals!

Why Should I Publish?

In many states upon completion of your Corporation or Limited Liability Company (LLC) filing the articles which were filed are required to be published in your local newspaper. Most commonly in the county were the business was designated or resides. Some states also require this for DBA’s that have been filed for your business to do operate under additional name(s). The obligation to publish a legal announcement is mandated by a state or a county level statute. Not fulfilling these legal requirements may have dire consequences to your business and its ability to operate in a legal fashion. At HUBCO, our dedicated professionals will meet the specific requirements of each state or county, as we are constantly updated with all changing regulations.

HUBCO has well established relationships with the newspaper(s) you are required to publish in. Because of our large volume, these newspapers give us additional advertising agency discounts not available to the individual; therefore we can pass along these savings and give you the most competitive pricing. Our staff is well versed in all the approved newspapers and journals and will select the appropriates ones based on the location of your business. All original documents are forwarded to you at the end of the process.