Additional Steps to Forming an LLC in New York

Shortly after registering the LLC with the NY Department of State the filer will likely receive numerous offers from companies who will be happy to complete the publication process.
To start this process you will need to locate your Filing Receipt. You received this shortly after you filed your documents with the Department of State. The Department of State will not issue a new filing receipt, so keep yours in a safe place. We will be submitting the filing receipt to the county clerks office as proof of LLC filing and to obtain your official newspaper designations.
Next we will submit a “Notice of Formation” to be run in the newspapers designated for 6 weeks.
After they have completed their run we will obtain the Affidavits of Publication.
The final step in the process is to file the Affidavits along with a Certificate of Publication. We will forward the affidavits of publication along with a certificate of publication and a $50 filing fee to the NY Department of State.
When all of the steps have been completed you will be in compliance with all of the State Statutes regarding publishing.

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