How to go about Publishing for an LLC in New York State



New York Limited Liability Company Law requires that within 120 days after the formation of the original Articles of Organization, the LLC must publish a copy of their Articles for the public to see. The newspapers used will be appointed by the county clerk in the county which the office of the LLC is based. The article must be published once a week for six consecutive weeks, in a daily and weekly newspaper. A Certificate of Publication, with the affidavits of publication of the newspapers attached, must be relinquished to the Department of State. Once publication requirements have been met, the printer and/or publisher of each newspaper used will administer an affidavit of publication.

To begin the process you must first contact the County Clerk’s Office for the county listed on your LLC’s Articles of Organization. Once you have your required county on the phone you must inquire about two (one weekly and one daily) newspaper that your LLC will need to publish with. The County Clerk’s office will also need for you to provide them with a copy of your Filing Receipt. Once your County Clerk’s Office has provided you with the two newspapers you will have to publish in, you must then contact said newspapers. You can request from each paper a price quote and proof of publication text. The newspapers will produce the necessary information through an email you provide them with. After receiving the quote and proofs you must check the proofs for any errors, if there are no errors in the proof you must give the publisher the “okay” to run your publication. Once the approval to run has been given to the publisher, they will inform you of the dates that your publication will be run in the paper. After state requirements have been met with each newspaper you have published with, they will provide you with the Affidavit of Publication. You must then send a copy of both affidavits as well as a signed Certificate of Publication to the New York Secretary of State. The states fee for filing the Certificate of Publication is $50. Once you receive the filed certificate of publication back from the state, your publishing requirements have been met.

To simplify the process even further you can also publish through a service company. The service company will be able to do all of the leg work for you and completely omit any hassle for you. The service company ( ) will be able to provide you will all the necessary requirements demanded by the state with ease.

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