Experts in Nebraska Corporation Publishing

Some states require additional filings or steps at the time of formation, such as a county level filing, publishing notice of the formation in a local newspaper or an initial report filing. Nebraska requires the following:

Publication Requirement:

  • Nebraska requires all business entities to publish notice of the formation for three consecutive weeks in a publication (i.e. newspaper) in the county of the principal business location. If the company does not have a principal business location in Nebraska, the notice may be published in the county of the registered agent’s location. Proof of publication must be filed with the Secretary of State.
  • The State of Nebraska requires all new business entities to publish information from their formation documents. In addition, all amendments, mergers, dissolutions and share exchanges must also be published in the same manner noted above.

We have well established relationships with the General and Legal newspapers in every county in Nebraska and, because of our large volume, these newspapers give us additional advertising agency discounts not available to the individual. Therefore, we can pass along these savings and give you the most competitive pricing. Our staff is well versed in all the approved newspapers and will select the appropriate one based on the location (county) of your business. All original documents are forwarded to you at the end of the process. Publisher fees generally differ and will vary based on the length of copy that must be published and the legal journals or newspapers chosen.

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Nebraska Publication Process:

  • Your notice of formation will be published for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation.
  • Affidavits of publication are provided by the newspapers after ads have completed running.
  • Original affidavits of publication are sent to the Secretary of State’s office to be recorded.
  • Copies of all affidavits will be mailed to you and should be stored in a safe place with other company records.

Penalty for Not Filing:

Provides that no legal proceeding, and the like, in which notice is required to be given by official or legal advertising, will be binding upon an interested person unless the advertising is effected and a proof of publication is filed of record in the matter or proceeding.

Timeline to Complete Publishing:

Nebraska requires three weekly insertions in one newspaper of general circulation. Range of completion varies from 5-6 weeks depending on newspaper utilized. As soon as the affidavits of publication are received in our office they are immediately scanned and emailed to the client. Originals are then mailed to the Secretary of State’s office for recording.


Price of publications is determined by the cost of each newspaper plus our service fee. The price we quote (see order form) is all inclusive there are never any extra “surprises”.

Nebraska Corporation Publishing (Legal Notice Must Contain)

The legal notice must contain exactly the information located on the filed document from the Secretary of State’s office including any officer’s names and addresses, descriptions of mergers or amendments, and distribution of assets of a dissolved entity. A copy of the filed document will be required to generate ad copy and accurately meet the Secretary of State’s requirements.

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