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The New York Department of State requires that all domestic and foreign limited liability companies, limited partnerships and limited liability partnerships to publish a notice of formation in one daily and one weekly newspaper in the county designated in the company’s Articles of Organization. The newspapers must be designated by the County Clerk’s office. Upon completion, the newspapers will provide you with affidavits evidencing the publication. This must be completed within 120 days after the date of the company’s formation.

We are experts in the LLC publishing process from start to finish making a complex issue simple. Starting a new business can be a difficult process. Delegate this task to us so you can quickly move on to your checklist of items needed to launch your successful venture.

Having well established relationships with the newspaper(s) you are required to publish in. Because of our large volume, these newspapers give us additional advertising agency discounts not available to the individual; therefore we can pass along these savings and give you the most competitive pricing. Our staff is well versed in all the approved newspapers and journals and will select the appropriate ones based on the location of your business. All original documents are forwarded to you at the end of the process.

New York Publication Process:

  • Publication must be done once a week for six successive weeks in two newspapers in the county in which the office of the limited liability entity is located. One newspaper must be “printed daily” and the other “printed weekly.”
  • The newspapers must be designated by the county clerk.
  • Affidavits of publication are provided by the newspapers after ads have completed running.
  • Certificate of Publication with attached Affidavits of Publication are filed with the NYS Div. of Corporations.
  • Publication filing receipt is provided by NYS Div. of Corporations.

Penalty For Not Filing

Limited liability entities that are formed or authorized to do business in New York after June 1, 2006, which fail to comply with the publication requirements within 120 days after their formation or qualification will have their authority to carry on, conduct or transact any business suspended.

Timeline to Complete Publishing:

Designation of Newspapers from County Clerk  24-48 Hrs.
Publication in Newspapers  6 Weeks
Affidavits of Publishing Provided by Newspapers  7-10 Days
Filing of Certificate of Publication and Affidavits with NYS  7-10 Days


Our competitive prices for New York LLC publishing include the newspaper advertising and Department of State filing fees along with our modest service fee. We will ensure that all requirements are met from beginning to end. There are no hidden charges, annual contracts, or documents to sign. All quoted prices are based on the advertising costs in each stated county.

NY LLC Publishing (Legal Notice Must Contain)

  • The name of the Limited Liability Company.
  • Filing date – Date of formation of the LLC.
  • County – The County where the LLC was formed.
  • Service of Process address – Legal address of the business were official documents are sent.
  • Purpose – Any Lawful is most commonly used.
  • Optional – Duration date – A preset date in which the LLC will dissolve.

Located in New York, HUBCO is an Official Service Company of the NYS Dept. of State, Div. of Corporations.
(Service Company #29)

Why Choose HUBCO Legal Advertising?

  • We’ve been helping business owners since 1982.
  • Publishing your business is made easy.
  • We make a complex process fast and simple.
  • Working closely with every state and newspaper to guarantee our service.


How long will the LLC publishing process take?

The entire process takes approximately 8-9 weeks from beginning to end. This includes the 6 week advertising run, filing of the certificate with the New York Department of State and returning the original filing receipt and affidavits to you.

What happens if I do not publish my LLC?
Per New York State statute § 206, the Department of State has the right to suspend the authority of the limited liability company to transact business in the state if the publishing is not completed within 120 days after the date of formation.

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