Pennsylvania Publishing Requirement

In the state of Pennsylvania a legal publishing notice is required for all new business filings as well as DBA’s. The ad must run one time in two newspapers. After the ad runs, you will receive affidavits from the newspapers to keep for your records. They do not need to be filed with the state.

PA Corporation Publishing (Legal Notice Must Contain)

You must publish either your intent to file or the filing of the articles of incorporation. Waiting for approval of your corporate name will avoid re-publishing costs if your name is rejected. Per PA Code §23.31 the advertisement must contain:

  • The name of the proposed corporation.
  • A statement that the corporation is to be or has been organized under the BCL


PA Fictitious Name (DBA) Publishing (Legal Notice Must Contain)

Whether you are a sole proprietorship/general partnership filing your primary business name or you are a business entity obtaining a secondary DBA name, the PA publishing requirement applies. Per PA Code §17.208(a), you must publish notice that contains:

  • The fictitious name.
  • The address, including street and number, if any, of the principal office or place of business of the business to be carried on under or through the fictitious name.
  • The names and respective addresses, including street and number, if any, of the persons who are parties to the registration.
  • A statement that an application for registration of a fictitious name is to be or was filed under 54 Pa.C.S. (Relating to names).


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