ARIZONA: Once your new business has been formed, your approval letter from the Arizona Corporations Commission will designate if your business is required to publish. The A.C.C lists newspapers that fulfil statutory requirements for publishing. It is not required to submit affidavit of publication to the state, although they should be kept for your records.

FLORIDA: The state of Florida requires a publication when you form a DBA under a business name to let the community know you are operating under another name. Generally this ad is only runs once for a handful of days. It must be run in the county the principal place of business is located.

GEORGIA: In Georgia, domestic profit & not-for-profit corporations are required to publish. A “notice of intent to incorporate” in the county where the registered office or agent is located should be sent to the newspaper within 1 business day of filing your articles. There is a small fee due to the papers and the paper selected must be an official newspaper where at least 60 percent of subscriptions are paid for. The ad must include the name of the corporation that has been delivered to the Secretary of State, the address of the registered office & the name of the registered agent. Foreign businesses and LLC’s do not have to publish.

NEBRASKA: Domestic corporations are required to publish in the state of Nebraska. In the country where your corporation’s principal office is located, an ad must run for 3 consecutive weeks in a legal newspaper. Corporation legal notices must include: corporation name, registered agents name & registered office, and the name & address of the incorporators. LLC legal notices must include: the LLC name, address of principle office and the business purpose. In Nebraska, corporations that are dissolving also need to provide a legal notice. Affidavits of publication are required to be submitted to the Secretary of State for proof.

NEVADA: In the state of Nevada, only foreign corporations are required to publish in two issues of a newspaper that circulates weekly to at least a thousand people. The article must include the following: name of the corporation, name and title of the officer who is submitting the ad, mailing address of principal office & corporate office (if applicable). Corporations have until March or end of the third month preceding the end of the fiscal year to fulfil this requirement.

NEW YORK: In New York, LLC’s, LLP’s and LP’s must publish within 120 days of filing the articles of organization. The ads must run for 6 consecutive weeks, in a daily and weekly newspaper that is designated by the county clerk’s office. Each domestic ad must include the following information: name of the LLC, date it was filed and county it was filed in, physical address (if applicable), a statement that the NY Secretary of State is named as the agent for service of process, name of NY registered agent for service of process (if applicable) & business purpose. In addition to the above, each foreign LLC also needs to add what state of jurisdiction it’s coming from as well as the date it was filed in its home state.

PENNSYLVANIA: Both foreign and domestic profit and not for profit corporations must publish in two newspapers where the registered agent is located. One must be a legal newspaper and there is no deadline to publish. You must obtain an affidavit of publication to keep with your records. Pennsylvania also requires you do a publication if you file a DBA for the business.

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