ARIZONA: After the formation of the business in the state of Arizona, an approval letter will be sent to you regarding publishing requirements for your business. You have 60 days to complete publishing in three consecutive publications or your business is at risk to be dissolved.

FLORIDA: In the state of Florida DBA publishing must be done prior to DBA filing. The notice must run at least one time and a certificate of publication must be filed with the state.

GEORGIA: In the state of Georgia you are required to publish intent to incorporate. The publishing must be done in the county where the registered office is located. You must publish no later than the next business day of filing, once a week for two consecutive weeks.

NEBRASKA: Corps and LLC’s must publish as soon as possible and provide proof to the Secretary of State with affidavit of publication. Corporations that are dissolving must also publish. Three consecutive publications must be run and proof must be filed with Secretary of State.

NEW YORK: LLC’s, LLP’s must publish within 120 days of filing the Articles of Organization. They ads must run for six weeks in two different newspapers designated by the County Clerk’s office. Your business is at risk for suspension if you do not comply with the requirement.

NEVADA: Foreign corporations in Nevada must publish no later than March, or no later than the end of the third month following the close of the fiscal year. It must be published in two different newspapers. Foreign entities that do not comply are subject to a monthly fine of $100.

PENNSYLVANIA: Pennsylvania profit and non-profit, domestic and foreign corporations must publish in two newspapers where the registered agent office is located. You can publish before or after your filing has been complete with the Pennsylvania Secretary of State. Keep in mind, if you chose to do your publishing before you are filed and the name gets rejected, you must republish with the name that is accepted. There is no deadline to complete the publishing. According to PA Code §17.208(a) DBA’s in the state of Pennsylvania must also publish in newspapers designated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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