What are the requirements for publishing a New York LLC?


If you chose to file an LLC in the State of New York you will be required to publish your Articles of Organization per the states statutes. The statute requires that a restatement of the Articles of Organization of the Limited Liability Company must be published in 2 legal notices, to run in 2 different newspapers, in the county that was designated at the time of filing. The two newspapers are specifically designated by the county clerk in the county of jurisdiction, one is a weekly run paper and one is run on a daily basis. The advertisements are a summary of the formation document filed with the Secretary of State, and will appear once per week in each of the designated newspapers. A service company, such as Hubco Legal Publishing, has extensive experience in these types of filings and longstanding relationships with the publications which allows them to get the best prices and immediate runs on all of their publications.

After the ads have each completed their 6 week run, affidavits of the publications will need to be filed with the Secretary of State’s office, along with a Certificate of Publication. A draft of this document can be obtained on the Secretary of State’s website. Once all of the required documents have been filed with the Department of State, you will need to keep the original Certificate of Publication together with the notarized affidavits and the filing receipt for your personal records. You have now completed the entire New York State LLC Publishing requirement and your business can begin to grow and thrive!

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