What steps will a service company take to comply with the LLC Publishing requirement?


The New York State LLC Publishing requirement can be a confusing and lengthy process. A corporate service company, such as Hubco Legal Publishing, can help you wade through all of the details and make sure that all of the steps are followed and completed correctly.

Once you decide you would like to hand your publishing over to a professional service company, you will need to provide them with the filing receipt from your initial LLC filing, this will provide all of the required information they need. The service company will then draft your advertisements per state requirements and submit them to the specifically designated newspapers for your county of jurisdiction. The ads will run for 6 weeks each, once per week on specified days, which will be provided to you by the service company. After the ads complete their runs, the service company will obtain notarized affidavits of the publications and file them with the Certificate of Publication at the Department of State. They will provide you with original hard copies of these documents to keep for your business records.

Hubco Publishing is happy to take care of the entire publication process for you!


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